Provider’s Corner – A Message from Dr. Schrenker:

Happy New Year!  Change is an annual theme this time of year.  From Scrooge to It’s a Wonderful Life, we see change done in dramatic fashion, seemingly instantly.  Yet for most, change is not an abrupt thing; it isn’t even a linear progression.  It is fits and starts, regression, progression then finally lasting change.  If you need the calendar to move in order to change that’s great!  But real change occurs when your heart and mind move first.  It doesn’t always stick, but the next push forward comes a little easier.

What is change?  Well, it can be age/time, physical or spiritual.  I argue it must be all three.  Time will always pass; that’s a given.  And as we have discussed previously, you cannot change spiritually without it affecting the physical and vice versa.  Change is a fundamental shift in your consciousness that starts with a thought, progresses to contemplation, goes through a risk V benefit phase, then is introduced as an experiment, then it is subsequently passed back through all of those steps repeatedly until it becomes rejected or accepted as your new consciousness.  From there it is seamlessly integrated into your actions and routines; it becomes the new you.

The phases can be a few minutes, or literally a lifetime; that is your choice.  But true change does not require repeated effort.  An example is the large number of new gym memberships that start 1/1/24.  For a while you must force yourself to go. Any little excuse not to go will do.  But if you can push past this block it becomes easier, you find yourself saying “sure I can do that after my workout” rather than avoiding your workout all together.  And a little further into this journey it truly becomes integrated into your schedule and into your psyche.  That’s real change.  But don’t let this scenario scare you. If the workouts fizzle, at least you started the process and you know that you actually felt better.  So the barrier to wellness has been lessened, and is lessened with every step toward health.

None of this works without action.  Procrastinators relish the thought process behind change but don’t add any action to their thoughts.  You must act on your thoughts to accomplish change.  Even the smallest action will have profound impact on the rest of your life.  You have heard me say “small permanent changes” is what we are looking for.  Grandiose ideas mean less until they are acted upon.

So just for today, imagine a better you.  Kinder, gentler, more tolerant.  Those thoughts should pass thru to the contemplation phase, where you can imagine scenarios that you would get upset and visualize a better outcome.  Then experiment with it.  Go back and visualize different scenarios you can apply this to. And so on.

Have a great 2024!  We have created a podcast that you can follow along on YouTube! The link can be found here: will drop new content at least twice a month.  Be sure to let us know what you want to hear.

With Love and Peace,
Dr. Schrenker

New Year, New You!

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To celebrate the blessings of our new building, we are hosting an open house on January 16th from 5-7pm for you and the community! Come out and tour the upstairs, and go downstairs and meet our partners who will be on hand to answer any questions about nutrition and exercise programs, reiki, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, neurofeedback, massage, health coaching, and breathwork

Upcoming Events at IHC:

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January 20 at 10am – Mindful Eating with Brandy Schrenker. This class focuses on helping those with diabetes and pre-diabetes how to choose better food choices. Breakfast provided. $25 per person. Pre-registration required.

January 23 at 11am or 2pm – Learn the benefits of Neurofeedback with Kristy Schultz, MS. Cost is FREE.  Pre-registration required.

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– Reiki Sisters – Physical pain / pain medicine withdrawal / 203-494-5431
– Rebecca Kidd – Serious diseases / hopelessness / 540-998-6026
– Rema Keen – Breast cancer / anxiety / depression / grief / foot zone therapy / red light therapy / 276-220-7544
– Melanie Tadlock Buhls – anxiety / emotional well being / relaxation / balance / 423-646-6579
– Zacchaeus Kimbrell – Feeling unwanted  / 205-442-3708

– Cindy Howard – 801-920-1663

– Rana Duncan – Counseling and hypnotherapy 276-206-6040

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– Kristy Shultz – 423-268-0717 (Thursdays)

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– Dr. Jennifer Williams – 910-759-0057

Health coach
– Sarah Robbins 844-656-1234

With love and gratitude,
The Staff of IHC

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