Integrated Holistic Family Practice Clinic

Located in Bristol, TN

Our mission is to enable well-being through love, compassion, trust, and individualized care. Reminding patients they must allow healing by choosing love over fear. Enable patients to be their highest self through education on nutrition, exercise, love, forgiveness, and holism. Celebrating a natural death as the greatest act of love and healing.

So how did we get here?

It is a longer story than this, but in 2005, I retired from Holston Medical Group and decided that if I was going to be a doctor for the rest of my life I needed to be happy, fulfilled, and able to practice medicine that encompasses complete healing for my patients.  So I started Integrated Health Concepts.  IHC started in the basement of the HMG Sapling Grove building and ended up moving to bigger spaces four times. Our most current move, and hopefully our last, was to our current space in the old “yellow pages” building. We hope this home lasts forever, but you know how that saying goes.

We believe that the healing process starts with the space you walk into. Our current building has been intentionally designed and decorated to begin that healing process. We hope you find it inviting, uplifting, peaceful and, above all, loving. It truly is for you, our patients.

We want to stay true to our healing principles, in the fact that choosing love over fear is the basis for healing.  Because it is hard to heal when you are scared, tired, hurting, or exhausted we have developed a place that can alleviate those issues.  We have individuals who help balance your spirit, body-work professionals, and an ever-growing mental health presence.  Truly we are committed to balancing mind-body-spirit at IHC.

All of our practitioners focus on holistic healing, and are also proficient in thyroid, methylation, nutrition, mental health, and complex medical conditions. We are the only private physician’s office with a full-time dietician. Our new space has allowed us to expand our IV offerings, nutrition and diabetic services, provide classes in our new teaching kitchen and have other holistic offerings such as breath work, reiki, medical massage, and hypnotherapy to name a few.

We are the area’s first fully functioning Holistic clinic and the premier facility for whole-person healing.  We offer more holistic, integrated modalities than Duke, Vanderbilt and Cleveland Clinic combined.  All of these are seamlessly integrated into your primary care. We are here for you; this has been established for you.  You are the focus and the reason we exist. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

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