Exercise.  You need to exercise your mind and your body.

The physical body is like a machine in some ways.  It must move.

The human body will accelerate its rate of decay when it becomes immobile, even if you are not old.  You must at least move.  To achieve optimal health you must move more.  Exercise needs to be incorporated into your life to the point you look for opportunities to move.  If it is still a chore, a task that needs to be scheduled, you have not achieved the level needed for well-being.  We will inevitably go through days where we cannot fit anything else in our schedule, but you will find time to eat and rest.  Exercise needs to be on this same level—where can I fit this in? 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there.  Please find time to put together two to three 30-45 minute blocks of time each week for the best results.

Exercise your mind as well.  Question life!  Why are you here?  What is the bigger picture?  God is everything, so you cannot offend Him by questioning Him.  That is how humans learn. He knows this. He created us.

You need to be on a journey of enlightenment, and you can only do that by questioning and education.  In a parable attributed to Jesus by Thomas the Apostle, “Let he who seeks continue seeking until he finds.  And when he finds he will become troubled.  When he becomes troubled he will be astonished, and he will rule over all.”

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