How We Get Sick

If the fundamental basis of our human body is energy, then sickness cannot merely manifest itself in the physical. It has to start at the energetic level and work its way out.

One of the most important principles of this human existence is that you are your own creator. You create your life. Your creation may be abundance and health or sickness and poverty. Either way, the responsibility is yours. Understanding how illness is created and physically manifested is of the utmost importance to healing and being well.

How we heal is important, but more important is how we get sick. If we can avoid the spiritual and emotional pitfalls that draw disease to us, we can maintain our highest path, which is good for the individual but even better for humanity. As individuals remain on their highest path, humanity’s collective energy will rise, and society will evolve more quickly into the loving species we have the potential to be.

So, in short, sickness begins in your energy field or aura. It starts as emotional imbalance, just a fleeting thought. As you give that thought more attention it begins to attract more like-minded thoughts. Those thoughts further disrupt your natural state of Love, peace, joy and harmony. But crucially they alter your neurotransmitters. Then you begin sending stress signals to the brain which responds in kind with increasing your stress hormones. By nature those stress hormones travel through the body and cause organs to work differently, usually dysfunctionally. From there real physical symptoms develop and these can progress into diagnosable physical illnesses.

Mindful Medicine by Dr. Schrenker

The passages on this page are excerpts from Dr. Schrenker’s book, Mindful Medicine, which can be purchased at our office or through Amazon.

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