Mindful Medicine

A Guide to Understanding Your Inner Voice

By James H. Schrenker, M.D., ABIHM with Brandy P. Schrenker, MS, RD, CDE

Mindful Medicine is a book written as a guide to introduce our patients to healing and to empower our staff to enable the healing process.

As a double-boarded medical doctor in family medicine and integrated holistic medicine I approach disease from an energetic standpoint.  Thus, in this book we start by addressing what it means to be human—to be an energetic, spiritual being having a human experience. We discuss how disease starts, and how it is seeded in your energy even before the first physical symptoms appear. Then we explore how to start and finish the healing process by listening to what your body is trying to tell you, specifically what your illness is trying to tell you.

Over the past 20-plus years I have seen people get well who were told they couldn’t, and people stay ill who shouldn’t. Throughout it all there has always been a constant thread. Those people who approached life as a lesson, and who learned, changed, and grew, had far less suffering; were more likely to maintain a high quality of life; and in the end had more chance at reversal of their disease process.

Together with this book we explore what lessons your disease is trying to teach you, using real experiences from patients. Everything in this book has come directly from patient cases and has been recommended and practiced for well over 20 years. We continually refine our approach to disease based on available scientific data, best practices, and outcomes. As our understanding of what it means to be human expands and evolves, so does our practice.

Welcome to our practice, and Welcome Home.

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