How We Heal

As humans we have the ability to adapt and change. Once you have identified the roots of illness, you can change the thoughts, emotions, and actions that created the illness. You can heal, but you cannot force another to heal.

A major aspect of healing goes back to managing your emotions. We need to evolve to a point where we look at situations energetically and spiritually, and not simply physically. Yes, we need to experience the emotions of the moment, which is part of being human, but afterward we need to be able to see the lesson that the experience taught us. We need to identify all the spiritual beings that contracted to teach us and thank them. Remember, we are here to teach one another. Finally, we need to be able to release the human emotions we attached to the experience and bathe in the unconditional Love of the soul’s learning.

Anything contrary to Love invokes a negative emotion. That negative emotion is rooted in a lie—the lie that you can be anything but Love.

This point is crucial. We are Love. We are energy. We are an intricate part of GOD, whose nature is the energy of Unconditional Love. In being a part of the Creator, we are only at peace and harmony when we are In Love. But over the course of human history—I hesitate to say that we have evolved—we have developed a dysfunctional reality.

Which is why we integrate Reiki, hypnotherapy, medical massage and everything else we recommend to our patients.  These are merely a way to you to reconnect, reset your relationship with Creator.  You can certainly do that on your own through prayer, meditation, yoga, a walk, breathing…your healing does not require another person, although that other person may help keep you focused on healing.

Notice throughout this writing we have yet to mention pills, radiation, supplements or surgery.  Whereas these may be crucial, maybe absolutely necessary for your healing, if you do not find your way back to Love you will not be able to achieve well-being, which is the ultimate healing.

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