Intravenous Hydration

We are blessed to have a 4-person IV suite in a spa-like environment. You may not know, but we have been administering IV vitamins for more than 15 years! We were the original IV vitamin source in the Tri-Cities. With that experience comes refinements and offerings that we believe in. We have a host of vitamins, peptides, and other solutions for your health.

IHC’s IV offerings for current patients are:


Fluid Only 500ml

Hydration for your body in 500 mL of Normal Saline

Fluid Only 1000ml

Hydration for your body in 1000 mL of Normal Saline for that extra boost of hydration.

Vitamin C Infusion

The Vitamin C infusion is a potent antioxidant with Nobel-prize winning research behind it. We use it for multi-drug resistant infections, “run of the mill” infections, and a supplemental cancer treatment.

Glutathione Infusion

Glutathione is another potent antioxidant. It can be used for adjunctive cancer treatment and can also help energy levels and improve cognitive function, be used in degenerative neurological conditions such as Parkinsons, ALS, MS, multi-system atrophy, immunity booster and a fat breakdown.

B-Lean Infusion

B-Lean boosts metabolism, improves energy, and helps burn fat.

Recovery Infusion

Recovery is used after illness or exercise, but is a better version of Myers cocktail.  This is your go-to infusion to generally feel better.  

If you are a current patient and would like to schedule your IV or injection, please call our front office staff at 423-573-9873 for availability.

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