Provider’s Corner – A Message from Dr. Schrenker:

n today’s newsletter, we are discussing spiritual detox.

Imagine you are granted an audience with 7 of the highest spiritual beings next to God.  Not necessarily allowed to speak or ask questions just invited so they may impart wisdom to you.  No nerves, no anxiousness just a childlike exuberance on your part.  You walk into a vast room and…

There they are dressed in clowns’ suits riding undersized tricycles all with several balloons tied to the back playing some version of crash derby.  All laughing and joking and having just the best time imaginable.  The lead being stops, looks at you, and quips: “It does not have to be serious; just have fun.”  Then you wake up in your bed having experienced the most vivid, real dream of your life.  Just a dream or a lifechanging moment?  Your choice.

For me that singular experience changed the trajectory of my life and career. That was not the first such dream, but it was the first that made me realize this was truly a communication from the universe.  Others have followed even more hilariously than that, all with the exact same message.

If you are going to do some cleaning you need supplies, a place to put all the things that no longer serve you and a plan for what it is going to look like when you are done. So, lets unpack that statement and organize a plan to be a better human today, and even better one tomorrow.

Supplies:  Because we are talking about ethereal change and spiritual change, our supplies generally need to be thoughts and other people more enlightened than us.  A lifeguard is useless if they can’t swim, preferably well.  So why ask your friend who is a mess for spiritual advice?

For you here at IHC we have different supplies – for the beginner; that person that can’t get out of their own way to enlightened individuals; those that despite understanding we are all connected and are all the same entity and still struggle with forgiveness etc.  The first step is recognizing you cannot heal at any level without some degree of understanding spiritual balance.  Bringing in love, peace joy and tolerance and getting rid of hate, fear, shame, and guilt.  I do not feel you need outside help to heal; it is always an inside job.  But it certainly helps speed things up.

To move you from whereyou are to a safer place, one that promotes healing, we have supplements and herbs, psychological therapies, Reiki, neurofeedback, body work, acupuncture, breathwork, meal plans, hypnotherapy and pharmaceuticals.  The great thing about healing is that the same modality changes as you become enlightened. You control the direction, the speed and the overall depth of your healing.

Now we need a place to put all the emotional baggage that no longer serves us.  Let’s first bless this journey. If it was not for hate, anger, guilt, and shame we would not be in this place to heal.  They have served a noble and beautiful cause, but you no longer need them.  The process of unloading these emotions is very simple and can be instantaneous.  Just like the photos on your phone, put them in the cloud.  These emotions are necessary and very useful, but others need them now, not you. So recycle them, give them back to the universe, but be clear you do not need them back.  You must release them, cut the ties they have to you, figuratively, with a golden pair of scissors and watch them fade away forever.

Next, (I avoid using the term “finally”), you need to develop a plan of what life looks like based in love.  No worries if this part feels empty and scary. I do not feel humans can imagine a life solely based in love.  We will always interject judgement and comparison into our lives but let’s try to develop an outline.  What if my dream is accurate?  The human experience can be fun, exciting but also horrifyingly scary. Just ask the children of the Ukraine, Gaza, and Israel.  But let’s go with fun.

If your existence here is to experience the world through the lens of love, fun, excitement then that needs to be the underlying theme of this lifetime.  That means that everything you are experiencing is trying to get you to that place.  But how is a devastating diagnosis helping you?  It is simply put in your path to redirect you toward your highest path, the path toward love.  Simply and honestly say, “whatever I have done to this point has got me here; am I happy here?”  If the answer is yes, then go ahead, move forward, and enjoy life.  But if the answer is no, then an opportunity exists to change and heal.  If the ultimate goal as a human is to better understand unconditional love, the universe will use any means necessary to teach you.  Unfortunately most of us learn quicker through negative reinforcement, but if you get one thing from this newsletter….you can learn just as much through love, joy peace, happiness and overall wellbeing.

This is your life, make it what you want!

You are loved,

Dr. Schrenker

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