Join Dr. Schrenker as he discusses various thyroid and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. James Schrenker, M.D., ABIHM, is the author of “Mindful Medicine: A Guide to Understanding Your Inner Voice,” along with co-author Brandy Schrenker, MS, RD, CDE.

As a double-boarded medical doctor in family medicine and integrated holistic medicine, he approaches disease from an energetic standpoint. Over the past 20-plus years, he has seen people get well who were told they couldn’t and people stay ill who shouldn’t. Throughout it all there was a constant thread. The people who approached life as a lesson, and who learned, changed, and grew had far less suffering; were more likely to maintain a high quality of life; and in the end, had more chance at reversal of their disease process.

This video series serves as an extension of his book where he dives deeper into each section with host Tracie Jones. Also, look for guest speakers who will cover other modalities of healing as mentioned in his book.

“Mindful Medicine: A Guide to Understanding Your Inner Voice” is available on Amazon:…

More about Dr. Schrenker:
Dr. Schrenker is also the founder and physician of Integrated Health Concepts, a family practice in Bristol, Tennessee, where he puts this knowledge into practice. Here he can embrace the best that conventional medicine has and wrap it in the Love and acceptance of integrated, holistic medicine. He built a facility to serve as a center for healing; and in addition to a family practice with two other nurse practitioners, offers consulting from Dietician and Nutritionist Brandy Schrenker and Counseling and hypnotherapy on the second level. On the first level space is reserved for other healing modalities such as Reiki, hypnotherapy, medical massage, breathwork, intravenous hydration, neurofeedback, herbalism, and acupuncture; and all these services are available for the general public. In addition, there is a teaching kitchen where classes on herbalism and nutrition are taught, as well as an exercise room, also available for the general public.

“My dream is that, in my lifetime, we do not have the categories of conventional, alternative or holistic medicine anymore. We just have healing professionals.”

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A Guide to Understanding Your Inner Voice

By James H. Schrenker, M.D., ABIHM with Brandy P. Schrenker, MS, RD, CDE