What to Expect at Your Annual Exam

Written by Becky Flora-Waterman, FNP-C, MSN, BSed Annual exams should happen once yearly as their name implies. But what can you expect at your next one? Following are the basics of any thorough yearly exam and physical. *Chart updates. Unfortunately, at least once yearly, we must update your chart information. Come prepared with your insurance […]

Breastfeeding During a Pandemic

Written by Becky Flora-Waterman, FNP-C, MSN, BSed To date there is no evidence that Covid-19 is passed through breastmilk or amniotic fluids during pregnancy or birth. Therefore, infection control measures are concentrated on avoiding the spread through respiratory droplets. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) current recommendation is as follows: “Mothers and infants should be enabled […]


Why would you believe you should feel well if you smoke, eat greasy, empty food, eat too much, or don’t exercise? These are lifestyle choices. Your choices have consequences. If you are not aware, medicine cannot help with these consequences.  There is nothing that can overcome your free will choice to harm your body.  A cure for cancer? A magic […]


Exercise.  You need to exercise your mind and your body. The physical body is like a machine in some ways.  It must move. The human body will accelerate its rate of decay when it becomes immobile, even if you are not old.  You must at least move.  To achieve optimal health you must move more.  Exercise needs to be […]