Michelle Bullock

Shelly has a passion for health and wellness. She has a genuine love of helping others. A natural caregiver, she spent two decades in healthcare, obtaining her BSN from Western Carolina University and her MSN from East Tennessee State University. She became a RN in 2009, spending most of her career in cardiac medicine. She has worked in a variety of roles in the settings of inpatient psychiatric care, family practice, dermatology and acute care medicine.

It became evident during her health care career that the wounds of the general public ran deep.  She felt as a whole we needed to get back to basics: essential movement and clean, sustainable foods. Shelly’s life long journey into exploration of yoga, farming and holistic living has brought so much to her life, she is dedicated to sharing that with her community.

In 2014 she founded Bristol Yoga and ran the business for three years before continuing to expand her education. Her studies have opened her eyes to the healing power of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, tools she embraces to maintain her health. With her medical background and her continued training in the science of yoga, she understands the balance that exists between eastern and western medicine. It is with a holistic view of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, that she encourages all of her patients to approach their wellness journey.

She is the mother to two lovely boys and enjoys any opportunity to explore the rivers, lakes and mountains of this beautiful region.